Here at traced, we take permission abuse very seriously! This is why we make sure to practise what we preach. Any permissions we’re requesting in our app are displayed below with a short description of why we need them.

Usage Stats

In order to give you context to your detections, we need to know what apps are running. Please grant traced the permission to view running apps on your device by granting usage stats access.


We DO NOT store your location or pass location information back to traced servers. Instead we use this location permission as a simple trigger, to alert you when other apps request access to your location.

Ignore Battery Optimizations

In order to continuously monitor for high risk apps and events on your device, we require that our background service is not killed. Without this permission, battery optimizations would frequently kill the traced service.

Receive Boot Completed

If your device is restarted whilst traced is running, this permission helps ensure that the service is still running once the device has finished it’s boot cycle.

Foreground Service

In order to continuously run in the background traced is required to run as a service. The foreground service is a necessary permission for traced to be able to continuously monitor.


In order to gain access to the internet on older versions of Android the Internet permission is a necessity.

Access Network State

During the process of applying a risk rating to an event, the traced app requires information accessible with the access network state permission in order to help with the deduction process.

Kill Background Processes

In the app analysis page, you are provided with the option to kill the background processes of an Android app, in order to do provide you with this option, the kill background processes permission is required.

Broadcast Package

To make install events visible on the device, the broadcast package permissions are required by traced.

Request delete packages

In the App Analysis page, you’ve got the option to uninstall the app which you’re analysing. This is made possible through the requesting delete packages permission.

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