Your story can help us make a better app

Have you ever been a victim of stalkerware? Has someone you know spied on your phone?

Coming from a B2B environment and turning our penetration testing, development and data science hands to creating an app for consumers, we are acutely aware that what we’re doing with Traced touches real people’s lives. There’s no middle man, no product managers, no sales team to create a comfortable buffer between you, our end-user, and us, the Traced creators.

So we want to make sure that what we’re busy developing day in and day out, actually does what it should. We have engineering eyes – and although we try to put ourselves in your shoes, we have never experienced what you have lived through.

So please, tell us. We want to listen, and to try to build the app you wish you’d had.

You can tell us as much or as little about your circumstances as you feel comfortable with. We promise to listen, respect your privacy, and will never share your story without your permission.

We want to know what happened to you, what steps did you try to take, what obstacles did you face, did you know what stalkerware was? How did you suspect you were being spied on? What were the warning signs? Did you go to the police, or contact an anti-stalking charity? What advice did they give, and did you find it helpful? Are you an iPhone or Android user? What would you have most wanted in a security or privacy app that would have protected you, or helped you provide evidence of stalking or coercive behaviour.?

You survived. We want to know your story so we can help others going through similar experiences.

Email us at or complete the form below.