No compromise.

Uncompromising Mobile Threat Defence for business

We believe that privacy is a human right. And we believe that every business deserves to be free from the fear and threat of cybercrime. So we made a Mobile Threat Defence system with amazing protection, without compromising privacy.

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Deeply clever protection

Our AI-powered protection is built for the needs of mobile device users by mobile security specialists. The Traced Deep Learning engine stops malware and phishing attacks that have never been seen before, WiFi protection identifies malicious or insecure hotspots, and our privacy protection stops cameras, mics or messages being accessed without consent.

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Privacy-first design

Privacy has been built into our products from the start, so your employees know they’re being protected, not tracked, and you know your business is secure from cyberthreats, and safe from unexpected data protection issues.

Better value

We wanted to build a mobile security product that would protect everyone. So we made our consumer app free, and our Mobile Threat Defence for businesses is the lowest possible price we can sustain – less than half the price of other mobile security solutions.

The story so far

Traced is a young company that’s growing fast and have already protected over 180,000 mobile devices. Join us on our journey.

“With Traced we found the missing piece of the jigsaw for our mobile devices”

Kirk Croal, Technology Director, Huntswood. Read the case study.


Winner, Startup Growth Awards 2020
Bronze Winner, Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards

Praise for Traced’s protection

  • “What Traced are doing is really important. Enabling corporate protection whilst being respectful of employees’ right to privacy”
  • “Seconds to install, complete peace of mind”
  • “I’d recommend this over and over again”
  • “Offers peace of mind to my privacy”
  • “Took seconds to set up”

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The Traced app protects your mobile device from app, network and device-based threats like malware, phishing, rogue WiFi; from unauthorised screen, camera and mic access; and from permissions abuse and device exploits.

It is available for free from Google Play and the App Store.

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