Trusted mobile protection for your business and your home.

The free Traced app protects mobile devices while Control gives you the tools and insight you need to protect your business.

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As easy as… MTD

Traced Control is a groundbreaking MTD that gives your business immediate visibility and analysis of mobile threats, giving you the information you need for analysis, investigation and response.

Traced for Android

Traced for Android protects you by scanning the apps on your phone and watching how they behave.

It alerts you if an app uses your camera or microphone, listens to your calls or records your screen. It uses Deep Learning to detect malware, adware, spyware and stalkerware, protects you from insecure WiFi and helps with uninstalling apps or resetting risky permissions.

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Traced for iOS

Traced for iOS throws a protective shield around your iPhone that blocks malicious websites, warns you when you connect to WiFi that’s insecure and reminds you when it’s time to download security updates.

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