Privacy. Visibility. Security.

Real-Time App Behaviour Monitoring

Get complete visibility and protection on Android with continuous monitoring of events on your mobile device.

Permission Abuse Alerting

If you didn’t turn your microphone or camera on, see which apps might be abusing the permissions you’ve granted them.

High Risk App Alerting

Through dynamic risk calculation, high risk events and apps on your device can be uncovered.

Guided Responses

When you find a concerning app, uninstall or revoke its permissions through Traced.

“Traced, the simple and straightforward app for Android, helps make app behaviour transparent so you can see what your apps are trying to do behind the scenes, especially when you are not looking. For parents wanting to test apps before installing them on their children’s devices, Traced does a fantastic job of offering meaningful insights on app behaviour, so you can act on this information and decide for yourself which apps are safe and which ones aren’t.”

Krishna, Founder ParentSecure