Sector Focus

Our experience solving the mobile security challenges in your industry.

Traced Control is a mobile threat defence (MTD) solution for any type of business, but it’s best suited for companies that:

  • have between 5 and 250 employees,
  • care about the privacy of their employees,
  • need to comply with regulations surrounding sensitive or private data,
  • have a distributed workforce where employees are not always working from the office,
  • have no mobile protection in place, or who have an MDM or UEM solution but want the mobile threat detection and remediation that only MTD can deliver.

Our customer base is ever-growing, and as we cater to customers in more sectors we will update this page to illustrate how Traced solves their specific challenges.

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Financial Services

Your phones a hot target for phishing attacks and data theft, and the front line in guarding against FCA and GDPR violations.


Recruiters’ phones a prime target for phishing attacks and malware, and need securing from data loss and theft just like laptops and computers.