About Us

At Traced, our aim is to redefine mobile cybersecurity to provide the best possible protection to everyone against breaches of privacy and security.

The vision

Traced’s vision is to make the invisible visible.

It’s about making software that shines a light on threats that are invisible to traditional forms of detection. It’s about transparency in pricing, and making sure our software protects people by being easy to understand, effective and affordably priced. And it’s about respecting users’ and employees privacy by being transparent about what you’re doing and why.

And it’s about making a different kind of security company. A company that understands and talks about the threats that businesses really face every day, rather than the ones that get the best headlines or induce the greatest fear.

…we’re sitting on the bleeding edge of cybersecurity, acting on problems that are affecting people’s lives. It’s nice to feel like we’re making a difference.

Matt Boddy, CTO

The software

The Traced app is a free mobile privacy and security app that protects users of both Android and iOS devices.

Traced Control is a groundbreaking MTD (Mobile Threat Defense) that works with the Traced app to give businesses visibility and analysis of mobile threats, and the tools they need for analysis, investigation and response.

Traced’s journey so far…

The team

Benedict Jones, CEO

Ben is co-founder and CEO of Traced. After holding positions at a number of security giants, including Intel, McAfee, and Sophos, Ben became convinced there was a need for a different kind of security company. Hi-res photos

Ben Jones

Matt Boddy, CTO

Matt is co-founder and CTO of Traced. Matt has worked in cybersecurity for the Ministry of Defence and Sophos and studied Software and Systems Security at the University of Oxford. He is convinced that there is a better way to write security software. Hi-res photos

Matt Boddy

Mark Earlam, Senior Developer

Mark is our Senior Developer with 20 years of experience building web applications and user interfaces across the HR, Aviation, Travel and Financial sectors.

Mark Earlam

Louisa Stockley, Head of Digital Marketing

Louisa is a seasoned digital marketer, with a background in cybersecurity and as a marketing consultant to small and large companies in both B2B and B2C.

Louisa Stockley

Adam Richardson, Senior iOS Developer

Adam is an experienced technical lead and award-winning application developer. He’s previously worked on iOS apps for Dulux, the pharmaceutical industry, and for Spotlas, developing a new social recommendations app.

Adam Richardson

Coalition Against Stalkerware

Traced is an Associate Partner of the Coalition Against Stalkerware, a global organisation made up of Anti-Virus vendors, survivor support organisations, law enforcement, and academics who aim to raise awareness of stalkerware and together, find ways to eliminate it and help survivors.