Trustd MTD

Trustd is a privacy-focused mobile threat defence solution that gives you immediate visibility and analysis of mobile threats on employee devices. 

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AI-powered mobile threat protection

Every personal and business-owned mobile device is a gateway to business data and a route to your network. The Trustd Deep Learning engine detects both known and unknown malicious apps and provides you with crucial information for your analysis, investigation and response.

Unparalleled protection

Trustd protects employee devices from application, network and device-based threats including malware, phishing, rogue WiFi, unauthorised screen, camera and microphone access, permissions abuse and device exploits.

Trustd for Android
Trustd for iOS

Comply with regulations

Built in the UK for British businesses, Trustd gives you an easy tool to ensure Cyber Essentials compliance on your mobile devices that access work data or company systems.

For BYOD, COx or a hybrid

Trustd Mobile Threat Defence makes securing BYOD smooth and effective by eliminating barriers to adoption. Or layer on top of your existing MDM for zero-touch deployment/one-touch enrolment – and see the health status of all your mobile devices.

Zero-Trust and policy compliance made easy

The Trustd app protects your mobile devices and the MTD dashboard gives your IT and security teams the tools they need to protect your business, while ensuring every device is compliant with security policies. It can even prevent access to your Microsoft Cloud Apps from untrusted devices.

Zero-Trust with Trustd

“We found the missing piece of the jigsaw for our mobile devices”

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Key features

WiFi protection
WiFi protection alerts both the device and in the dashboard when a user connects to a compromised or insecure WiFi network.
Device health monitoring
Device health monitoring enables Zero Trust security and conditional access through the dashboard or the REST API.
Web protection
Web protection ensures that users, devices and corporate data are protected against phishing attacks and malicious websites.
Device behaviour monitoring
Dynamic app behaviour monitoring (Android only) detects indicators of attack, such as mobile app permission abuse, in real time.
Device update alerts
Device update alerts identify vulnerable devices, while the Trustd app reminds and guides users to patch their OS.
Role-based access control
Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) gives you granular control over access to the administrative cloud-based console.
Malware protection
Deep Learning mobile malware protection protects you from modern Android malware, such as spyware and Trojans like Cerberus, Anubis and Joker.
Affordable pricing
Simple, scalable and affordable pricing offers flexibility to your preferred spend with per-device pricing and monthly and annual options.

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Trustd is quick and simple to set up – see for yourself with our 14-day free trial. Get set up in 5 minutes and enrol your own devices and explore the console. If you’re looking for our free app, head over here.

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