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Company Background

Traced ( is a free mobile privacy app built in the UK by two veterans of cybersecurity (ex McAfee, Sophos, Ministry of Defence, Intel). It’s the only completely free, consumer-focused app that alerts you as suspicious behaviour is detected on your phone.

Traced uses contextual analysis to identify the app most likely to be abusing permissions, and guides you in a straightforward way to take appropriate action.

The Traced team are about to launch their iOS app to help iPhone users stay safe while browsing the internet; and are developing Traced Control, a unique B2B offering that will provide simple, effective mobile security to businesses.

About the app

Traced’s consumer targeted app, provides unparalleled detection of malicious apps by identifying if, when and how any apps abuse access to users’ personal data.

Traced highlights high-risk events such as:

  • Microphone Access
  • Camera Access
  • Screen Recording
  • Location Access
  • Install/Update Events
  • Phone Call Recording

Traced will notify you if and when any high risk events or apps are present on your device, and then help you to quickly and effectively respond to them and secure your mobile device.

About the Founders

Benedict Jones – Chief Executive Officer

From humble beginnings in Technical Support, Ben realised his passion lay with cybersecurity, and has held positions at industry giants, including Intel, McAfee, and Sophos. Now, as CEO and Co-Founder of Traced he guides the team and its vision towards each new milestone. When he takes off his Head Honcho Hat he sticks around at his computer, programming and generally geeking and gadgeting. He also plays the drums rather well, and enjoys playing tennis and cycling around the Oxfordshire countryside. (Not usually at the same time.)  

“I love the Traced family. Our combined expertise and dynamic, agile way of working means we’re endlessly brainstorming, developing, refining our ideas for the product and the company.”

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Matt Boddy – Chief Technology Officer

Matt’s impressive cybersec CV includes the Ministry of Defence, Sophos, and the University of Oxford. As CTO and Co-Founder, Matt has the hair-raisingly exciting job of developing, testing and refining Traced’s unique mobile threat detection and getting it into our products. Outside of work Matt spends a lot of time climbing and running, apparently he sucks at both, but does enjoy the problem-solving qualities of climbing, and running has been a great way to explore the countryside.

“At Traced we’re sitting on the bleeding edge of cybersecurity, acting on problems that are severely affecting people’s lives. It’s nice to be able to carve our own path and really feel like we’re able to make a difference.”

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Press Coverage


For any press queries, request for quotes, analysis or interviews, please contact:

Primary: Louisa Stockley, Head of Digital Marketing


Tel: +44 (0) 7989 228 773 (email or text is best)

Secondary: Matt Boddy, CTO


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