Main features of the Traced App

A summary of the main features of the Android and iOS Traced apps.

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Threat hunting on mobile – why the signing certificate is important

It’s a problem in the industry that infuriates me – large cybersecurity companies apply the same threat model to all platforms.

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Threat hunting on Android with Traced Control

For those who want to dig a little deeper into their organisation’s mobile threats, Traced CTO Matt Boddy demonstrates hunting for the Cerberus banking Trojan, using Traced Control.


Press release: New Partner Program from Traced Mobile Security

Award-winning mobile security outfit Traced, headquartered in Oxford, UK, has launched a brand new Partner Program.

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Why your advice to spot phishing isn’t working

The human-actionable defences against phishing that we take for granted on a desktop aren’t available on a mobile.

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How a fake Netflix app stole WhatsApp messages and spread malware

FlixOnline offered two months’ free Netflix access for free, but it was fake app harbouring malware that takes control of the victim’s Android phone.

privacy stalkerware

How a WhatsApp status loophole is aiding cyberstalkers

These WhatsApp status trackers are a new variety of surveillance software, but can be just as invasive and harmful as stalkerware.


[Infographic] GDPR and the importance of mobile security for businesses

This infographic breaks down mobile security for businesses and explains how and why it is a key player in GDPR compliance.

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Financial Services

Your phones a hot target for phishing attacks and data theft, and the front line in guarding against FCA and GDPR violations.

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6 reasons why cybercriminals want to target your smartphone

The data is in, and it doesn’t look good: mobile devices are a primary target for online criminals.