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MitM Attacks: How to Avoid the Mobile Piggy in the Middle

MitMs are difficult to spot because they don’t happen on your phone. Instead, the attacker inserts themselves between you and the system your phone tries to contact.

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Traced Joins Cyber Runway Accelerator – Grow Cohort

Traced has joined the Cyber Runway accelerator from Plexal, in the Grow cohort. Cyber Runway is the UK’s most diverse community of cyber founders and entrepreneurs and is backed by the DCMS.

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Case Study: Huntswood and Traced Control

Protecting COPE iOS devices from phishing, malicious content and Man-in-the-Middle

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Traced Receives Further Investment

Traced, an Oxford-based innovator in AI-powered mobile security, has received a further £400,000 in seed investment.

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Vultur: A new banking Trojan on Android

Capturing your credentials as you log on to apps, Vultur uses screen recording to gain access your bank and social media accounts.

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Remote Access Scams on the Rise

What are remote access scams and what should you look out for to avoid falling victim to one yourself?

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The mobile threats IT teams need to know about

From phishing to apps, here are the crucial mobile threats businesses need to be aware of – and protect against.

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Introducing Traced’s Personal Privacy Mode

We’re pleased to announce the launch of Personal Privacy Mode – an optional setting that returns only the compliance state of the device, and nothing else.

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Legal Firms

In the first half of 2020, law firms reported to the SRA that nearly £2.5m of money held had been stolen by cybercriminals.


MTD or MDM – Which Do You Need?

If you’ve already got MDM, can you justify also having MTD?