Trustd for Android

Privacy-first mobile security.

Trustd is a free security and privacy app for Android. There are no ads, we don’t track you and we won’t sell your data.

Protection against phishing, WiFi threats, malware apps and device vulnerabilities are all included in the free app.

For even greater protection against web threats and malicious content, subscribe to Trustd Plus.

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Malware detection powered by AI

Most viruses, spyware, adware and other malware gets on your Android device through malicious apps. Get complete visibility and protection on Android with root detection and continuous monitoring of apps and events.

Detect spyware

Find stalkerware and spyware apps that might be abusing the permissions you’ve granted them, such as access to camera, microphone, or location. These apps are often hidden, but Trustd uncovers them and helps you to remove from the device.

Stop mobile phishing

Block scams and phishing attacks with AI-powered detection backed up by cloud lookup to analyse links before they load malicious web content.

Upgrade to Trustd Plus in-app and get peace of mind with Safe Browsing.

Detect WiFi attacks

Public WiFi networks are often unsecured and vulnerable to attack. Stop criminals stealing your personal information via Man-in-the-Middle attacks on compromised Wi-Fi networks.

“It does a fantastic job of offering meaningful insights on app behaviour, so you can act on this information and decide for yourself which apps are safe and which ones aren’t.”

Krishna, Founder of ParentSecure
Get the traced app on Google Play