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With Traced on all of our devices we know exactly who is protected and who isn’t protected—and, more importantly—where the threats are coming from. 

Matthew Bonfield, Executive Chairman, Huntswood
Huntswood case study

Corporate governance and compliance company Huntswood was looking for a comprehensive mobile security solution for COPE devices that guarded against compromised WiFi and mobile phishing attacks.

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In2 Consult

Other vendors didn’t provide the WiFi or web protection we needed and were still more than twice the cost. Choosing Traced was a no-brainer, really.

Luke Seaman, Managing Director, In2Consult
IN2 Consult case study

In2 Consult was keen to protect its employees’ personal devices against phishing and compromised WiFi, as well as ensure regulatory compliance in safeguarding confidential business and client data.

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Praise from our partners

Traced is a great company to work with, customer services and sales have been helpful in every engagement.

David Hardwick, Director, OX365

We have successfully deployed Traced to protect high profile clients from stalkerware and are proud to utilise it as part of our cutting-edge managed cybersecurity protection plans.

Mark Ward, Investigator, Lost Boys Detective Agency

App reviews

We are pleased to offer our mobile security app to consumers for free. It’s the same app that your employees download to their personal devices and then connect to Traced Control to help prevent company data breaches.

Our users love it. Your workforce will too.

  • “Awesome application.”
  • “BEST I’ve found so far!! Thanks.”
  • “Love this super security application.”
  • “This is an incredible app for security.”
  • “Fantastic app. Hats off to the developers.”
  • “Exceptional … Excellent security features.”
  • “If you care about privacy, I recommend using it.”
  • “I honestly absolutely love this app. I’m recommending it to anybody I know.”
  • “Traced had been added to my list of apps I immediately download when I switch phones.”
  • “Very comforting … it has stopped me already from unknowingly entering an insecure URL.”
  • “Superb information about risky apps, wifi connections and more … Keeping this on my installs list for life.”
  • After some brief research i was convinced I needed this tool! I really appreciate the URL/site scanner … this feature alone is indispensable.