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Traced Control for businesses delivers groundbreaking MTD (mobile threat defence) that gives you immediate visibility and analysis of mobile threats.

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Traced Control

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Every personal and business-owned mobile device is a gateway to business data and a route to your network.

The Traced app protects your mobile devices and the Control MTD gives your IT and security teams the tools they need to protect your business.

Unparalleled protection

Traced protects employee devices from application, network and device-based threats including malware, phishing, rogue WiFi, unauthorised screen, camera and microphone access, permissions abuse and device exploits.

Traced for Android
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Traced for iOS

Traced Control

Mobile EDR

The Traced Deep Learning engine detects both known and unknown malicious apps and provides you with crucial information for your analysis, investigation and response.

We’ve secured every employee phone with Traced, and now we’re much more confident we’re protecting our clients’ and candidates’ personal information

Luke Seaman, Managing Director, IN2 Consult

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Key features

WiFi protection
WiFi protection alerts both the device and in Control when a user connects to a compromised or insecure WiFi network.
Device health monitoring
Device health monitoring enables Zero Trust security and conditional access through the Control dashboard or the REST API.
Web protection
Web protection ensures that users, devices and corporate data are protected against phishing attacks and malicious websites.
Device behaviour monitoring
Dynamic app behaviour monitoring (Android only) detects indicators of attack, such as mobile app permission abuse, in real time.
Device update alerts
Device update alerts in Control identify vulnerable devices, while the Traced app reminds and guides users to patch their OS.
Role-based access control
Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) gives you granular control over access to the administrative cloud-based console.
Malware protection
Deep Learning mobile malware protection protects you from modern Android malware, such as spyware and Trojans like Cerberus, Anubis and Joker.
Affordable pricing
Simple, scalable and affordable pricing offers flexibility to your preferred spend with per-device pricing and monthly and annual options.


Our commitment to visibility includes transparent pricing. Traced Control is available for businesses as a Monthly or Annual subscription. If you’re looking for our free app, head over here.

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£1.70 / month

per device (ex VAT)

14-day free trial

Annually (SAVE 26%)

£15 / year

per device (ex VAT)

14-day free trial


How can I get a free trial?

We offer a 14-day free trial of our MTD platform, Control. When that trial period is coming to a close, we’ll contact you to set up Monthly or Annual billing, whichever suits you best. If you choose to cancel, that’s absolutely fine.

Remember, the Traced app is completely free, so that’s a sort of a free trial too! Just head over to the Google or Apple app stores to download Traced right away and see how your employees will be protected from mobile-borne threats.

Can one user have more than one device?

Yes! Billing is by device, rather than by user and you can have multiple devices associated with a single email address for all your pro-multi-gadget users. Simply enrol your devices individually or via a bulk CSV upload within Control.

What payment methods do you support?

You can pay using a credit card via our Stripe integration within Control, for alternate payment methods, get in touch with us at: support@traced.app. All plans are charged with UK VAT @ 20%. Email us for any queries for relating to VAT and billing.

Do I get a discount with the Annual price plan?

Yes! Our Monthly plans are priced at £1.70 per device, per month (plus VAT), which would be the equivalent of £20.40 per device per year. If you take out our Annual plan each device only costs £15 per year (plus VAT) – you pay upfront, based on the number of devices you expect to enrol (and yes, it’s super easy to add extra devices if you need to).

Download the Service Plan.

What if I go over my Annual plan device limit?

If you have an Annual plan where you set the number of devices upfront, Control makes it easy to add extra devices. We will bill you at the end of the Annual billing period for any extra devices you enrolled. Don’t worry about accidentally going over your limit – you have full visibility of your device numbers and limit in Control, and we will alert you when you’re approaching your limit. Increasing your license count is easy! Simply email support@traced.app with your license increase request and we’ll help!

Download the Service Plan.

Can I add more devices to my plan?

Yes! Our Monthly plan is the most flexible – you just pay for the cumulative number of devices that were enrolled at the end of the monthly billing cycle. Even if you have an Annual plan where you set the number of devices upfront, simply email support@traced.app with your license increase request and we’ll help!

Can I switch between Annual and Monthly plans?

Yes! Just email us at support@traced.app and we’ll be happy to help.

How do I cancel my account?

You can cancel your Traced account at any time. We don’t agree with making it difficult to leave, which is why there are no long term contracts. And if you choose to come back to us, you can easily set up a new account.

Just email support@traced.app and we’ll help you to cancel your account.

Please be aware that your subscription will auto-renew for the following billing period unless you cancel.

Can I get a refund?

Our Traced apps are free to download, and you and your employees can continue to use them on your devices completely free of charge – even if you cancel your Control account.

If you’re a Traced Control customer on a monthly plan, and you wish to cancel, you’ll be billed for the devices enrolled in the current monthly billing period, but you won’t be billed again.

If you are on an Annual plan and have paid in advance, get in touch with us if you would like to cancel your auto-renewal. We don’t offer refunds for any unused device slots at the end of the Annual billing period, but we’ll be happy to help you assess your usage needs for the next billing period.

Download the Service Plan.

How can you offer Traced Control at such a low price?

Despite what you might be thinking – that Traced must be inferior to other mobile cybersecurity vendors – we have superb malware detection rates, our deep learning engine performs better in tests for known and unknown malware than some of the big names in security, and we’re ready and waiting to give you the personal, first-rate support we think everyone deserves.

What we don’t waste our money on are expensive sales teams, flashy offices, or off-site meetings in the Maldives. (Although that would be nice). What’s important to us is building a top-tier mobile cybersecurity platform, at a price that everyone can afford, and to make it simple, quick and a pleasure to work with us.