Support: Data Subject Requests

For users of the Trustd app

As we do not collect any personally identifiable information from non-commercial users of the Trustd app, we cannot cross reference any of the threat intelligence data that we collect to any person or persons.

For those who are a registered administrator of Trustd MTD

If you are a registered administrator of a Trustd business account, please email your data subject access request to so we can verify you and address your data subject access request.

For those who have connected the Trustd app with their organisation

If your organisation is using Trustd MTD and your device has been connected to their account, then the administrator of your organisation’s Trustd MTD account may cross reference threat intelligence data back to an email address.

As this data is confidential to each organisation, it is not accessible to us here at Traced and we behave solely as the data processor in this case.

If applicable, you should contact the administrator of your organisation’s Trustd account to request the data that they may be in control of.

Further information regarding the above is outlined in our: