Support: Hacking and Spyware

While the Trustd app can highlight suspicious behaviour on your device, and protect you against WiFi threats, malicious apps, device vulnerabilities and phishing, unfortunately, we don’t provide a personalised threat response service.

If you think you’ve been hacked

If you are concerned that you’ve been hacked or are in danger at all you should get in touch with your local authority:

  1. Report hacking to the authorities. In the US, please report cybercrime incidents to the  FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) or in the UK to Action Fraud.
  2. Then, inform your mobile carrier (Vodafone, Sprint, AT&T, etc).
  3. There may be local IT consultancies that can help you retrieve data or analyse your device. Look for reputable IT services near to you.

If you believe you might be in personal danger if you report spying or hacking, have a look at The Coalition Against Stalkerware’s resources:

If you think you’re being tracked or spied on

Trustd is designed to find hidden apps that could be spying on you. So we look for suspicious things about apps or events on your device and give them a risk rating, so hopefully Trustd would identify an app that is tracking you or accessing your microphone or camera.

Remember, some apps (like stalkerware) report back to somebody else the things that are happening on your phone – so they may be able to see you’re using Trustd, or be able to read your emails. If you are in any danger at all, please contact a local authority or the police immediately to seek assistance.

If you have Stalkerware on your device, there are plenty of charities setup that can help if this is the case, you should be able to find lots of resources on the Coalition Against Stalkerware’s website available here:

If you’re worried that your stalker might know you’re trying to get help, use a friend’s computer or phone.

We’ve written the following articles which should help discover if you’re infected with Stalkerware:

We hope this helps.