Set up Trustd for iOS (via email)

Instructions for employees to enrol their iOS device when you’ve invited them via email.

  1. Use your mobile device to find the email from inviting you to connect your device to Trustd MTD. If you can’t find the email, ask your IT Team to send/resend your invite.
  2. In the email, click “Register your device”. If you then receive a message saying “Safari cannot open the page…”, this is because the Trustd app isn’t installed yet, just hit “OK”
  3. Follow the instructions in the email to download the Trustd app from the App Store, then go back to your browser that opened when you clicked the button in the email and click “Connect with Traced”.
  4. Hit “Allow” to allow Trustd to notify you if we detect any threats to your device.
  5. If prompted, hit “Get Started” to accept the terms and conditions
  6. Click “OK” to connect to Trustd .
  7. You should receive a message in the Trustd app stating “You are connected to the Trustd MTD console.”
  8. Tap “OK” to the “successfully connected” message
  9. Navigate to the “Web” tab and follow the instructions to enable Web Protection
  10. Jump back to the Trustd app to makes sure it is reporting your device as “Protected”.
  11. Awesome, you’re all set and secured, Trustd will notify you of any threats we identify to your device! We recommend that you check back in the Trustd app when you reboot your phone to make sure you’re still fully protected!

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