What does Traced share with my organisation?

What is Traced?

There are two parts to the Traced platform used by organisations: The Traced apps and the Traced Control Mobile Threat Defence console.

The apps protect individuals’ phones and tablets. The console is used by your organisation to protect the entire organsiation, by learning about the threats the Traced apps have discovered.

What can my organisation see?

Your personal privacy is as important to us as your organisation’s security. We share the data your organisation needs to keep you and everyone else secure, and nothing more.

We share the following data from your phone or tablet with your organisation:

On Android and iOS

  • Your device – make, model, software version and configuration.
  • Traced app – configuration and crashes.
  • High risk events – The names of any compromised WiFi networks you have connected to.

On Android only

  • High risk apps – app name, version, install date, install source, APK file information, intents and permissions.
  • High risk events – if other apps on your device secretly record your camera, microphone, screen or calls.

Does the app share which websites I visit?


Why does the app ask for location premission?

On Android, location permission is required in order to see the names of any WiFi networks you are connected to. If Traced detects a rogue WiFi network, it needs location permission in order to tell you the name of the malicious network, so you know which one to disconnect from. Location permission isn’t used for any other purpose and your GPS Coordinates are never shared with Traced or your organisation.

For more information, please refer to our privacy policy.