Trustd On-Device VPN Web Protection

How does it work?

To keep your employees protected against mobile phishing and web-based attacks, Trustd uses an On-device VPN to block malicious traffic. It’s effectively a web gateway which runs on the device itself, meaning that there are fewer privacy and performance issues than traditional VPNs that run across the internet as your users’ web traffic doesn’t get routed through third-party servers.

Traced combines telemetry from our 250k protected devices, mobile-specific phishing and web threat intelligence, and our proprietary AI engine to provide the best possible protection for your mobiles against both known and zero-day mobile phishing and web threats.

Please note that some iOS apps may prevent themselves from working when a VPN is enabled on the device. In this instance, you can temporarily disable the VPN whilst using such apps from within the Trustd app.

How do I turn it on?

  • Trustd Administrator:

All you need to do is browse to devices > policies in the Trustd MTD Console and toggle on “Web via on-device proxy”.

  • Trustd Employee:

In the Trustd app, navigate to the “Web” tab and follow the instructions.

Who’s it for?

Trustd offers two methods of protecting mobile devices against phishing and web-based attacks, you can choose the option that best suits your business and users’ needs:

  • The primary method is via our On-device VPN (as detailed above), which provides device-wide web protection across all browser apps. 
  • The secondary method is via in-browser protection which doesn’t require a VPN configured on the device and protects by blocking malicious links as they open with a browser on Android, and within the Safari browser app on iOS.

Supported platforms: 

  • iOS 13 or later
  • Android 10 or later
  • The device must be enrolled into a Trustd MTD console with a valid device licence
  • Only one personal VPN is supported on the device at a time