Why doesn’t Trustd app know exactly which app is spying on me?

We can never know with 100% certainty which app causes the microphone or camera alert, as the Android system doesn’t give us that kind of access.

However, we list the suspected apps that could have caused the action on the Event detail screen, based on those that were running and have the appropriate permissions.

You should also check the Apps tab.

The Traced deep learning engine analyses every app on your phone, even hidden ones and lists them in order of overall risk.

You should check to see if any are suspicious or ones that have permissions they don’t need. (For example, WhatsApp is a well known app, and would require access to your microphone, so that’s probably ok, but an app that, for example, edits your photos wouldn’t need access to your mic).

Remove apps you don’t recognise or need, and restrict permissions for any you think don’t need them.