Traced CTF


Rather than releasing our usual weekly incident response lab, this week we’re releasing a practical learning experience of an open source capture the flag competition.  

Screenshot of Android CTF

You may be asking yourself how this ties in with Android incident response training, you’ll have to use some advanced techniques associated with the identification phase of Android incident response.  Some of these techniques are yet to be discussed in our current training labs.

The 6 steps of incident response

Getting Started

For those of you wanting to dive straight in, you can find the Android APK in the releases section on GitHub, click here to download.

Happy hunting!

 ) )     /\_/\
( _-----_(@ -)
  (       \ /
  /|/--\|\ V
 " "   " "

I’m Stuck! Help!

Over the next few weeks, further tutorials will be released that will help with the analysis of the apk.

If you just can’t wait, please feel free to comment on reddit where the community and Traced staff will be on hand to help.  When you do post, please avoid any spoilers as it can ruin it for those enjoying the challenge.

Completed it?

Check if you’ve got the correct flag here.

The first 10 people to complete the CTF get a limited edition Traced sticker.

Traced isolation CTF winner stickers 2020

If you’d like to share your experience of the CTF, please feel free to do so in our subreddit, but please avoid any spoilers!

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