We’re welcoming Bytes Software Services as an official Trustd MTD reseller

Leading IT solution and services provider, Bytes Technology Group, brings Traced’s privacy-first Mobile Threat Defence solution into its portfolio of trusted vendor solutions.

Traced Mobile Security today announced a reseller partnership with one of the UK’s leading software, security, and cloud specialists, Bytes Technology Group Plc (LSE: BYIT) (JSE: BYI) to bring home-grown mobile device protection to more UK&I organisations.

Protecting business data from mobile-borne threats

Gaining visibility of mobile devices and their risk status is crucial for organisations that are looking to prevent data breaches and the resulting monetary, reputational and operational damages.  

Bytes Technology Group is now an official reseller of Trustd Mobile Threat Defence (MTD) from Traced.  Unlike other MTD solutions, Trustd uniquely combines AI-powered protection against both known and unknown threats such as mobile malware and phishing with straightforward user guidance and absolute employee privacy. Trustd can even form part of a Zero-Trust strategy by restricting access to business data from untrusted mobile devices.

Protection against data breaches and ransomware

Mobile-borne cyberthreats increased 1,400% in the four years between 2016 and 2020[1], and people are more likely to click a phishing link on a mobile device than on a laptop or desktop computer[2]. With smaller screens, fewer “clues” about whether a message is a scam, and different user behaviour on mobile phones, Mobile Threat Defence provides a critical safety net for employees that may click on a phishing link, download malware apps, or connect to compromised WiFi networks. 

Privacy-first ethos

With Traced’s privacy-first ethos, Bytes’ customers can ensure that mobile devices are protected against phishing, malware, device vulnerabilities and Man-in-the-Middle attacks – while ensuring absolute employee privacy.

David Crosby, Endpoint Security Specialist at Bytes Technology Group, commented,

“We’ve seen  increased demand for mobile security from Bytes customers since the start of the year, particularly those seeking CyberEssentials Plus certification. Mobile threats and SMS phishing are definitely on organisations’ radar more than ever before, so Trustd MTD’s AI-powered threat detection is an exciting tool in our customers’ cybersecurity arsenal.”

With organisations exposed to unprecedented levels of cyber and data security risk, it’s important that mobile devices are protected to the same degree as laptops and desktop computers – and that organisations have visibility over the compliance status of the devices that access business data, but without compromising employee privacy. 

Bytes Technology Group is able to offer Trustd MTD as part of a comprehensive range of IT and cybersecurity solutions and services. It works as a standalone solution or as a bolt-on to a customer’s existing MDM (Mobile Device Management) platform. 

Benedict Jones, CEO and Co-Founder of Traced, commenting on the partnership with Bytes,

“In joining forces with Bytes, we’re reducing the complexity of securing mobile workforces, saving organisations money and improving their productivity by mitigating the business risk from data breaches. With Bytes’ passion and expertise in finding the right solution for their customers’ unique needs, we at Traced can keep an undivided focus on what we do best: developing the most effective, easiest to use and most privacy friendly business mobile security solution available.”

About Traced

The Traced ( team of security and privacy evangelists has won several cybersecurity awards and works with Microsoft’s MISA program, the Coalition Against Stalkerware, and the NCSC for Startups. Combining the threat intelligence from 250k+ protected mobile devices with that of other industry vendors, Traced’s ever-evolving AI technology stays one step ahead of the cyber criminals, protecting individuals and businesses from data loss from mobile phishing attacks, compromised WiFi networks, unpatched devices, malware and leaky apps. 


[1] Trend Micro, Q1 2020 Threat Report

[2] BlackBerry, Mobile Users Prove More Susceptible to Phishing Attacks, May 2020

Traced Press contact:

Louisa Stockley

Head of Digital Marketing

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