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Traced Wins Innovate UK’s Smart Grant Bid

Traced Wins Innovate UK’s Smart Grant Bid

We’re delighted to announce Traced has been awarded an Innovate UK Smart Grant to tackle one of the most pressing issues in today’s digital landscape – mobile phishing attacks.

Cybercriminals are getting craftier by the day, using SMS, WhatsApp, social media, and email to target individuals and businesses with mobile phishing attacks.

Businesses are grappling with devastating data breaches and cyberattacks due to these devious tactics. And for individuals, falling victim to a mobile phishing scam can be emotionally traumatising, not to mention the financial hit it can deliver.

We’re aiming to develop an Intra-industry Cloud Lookup capability that uses AI to detect mobile phishing more accurately than existing solutions.

The grant funding from Innovate UK means we can progress our research much faster – which is so important in this industry where we’re up against almost unlimited resources available to malware creators.

Speed and innovation are critical if we are to stay a step ahead of cybercriminals.

We believe the successful outcome of this R&D project will have far-reaching positive effects on UK businesses and consumers, blocking the increasing challenge of phishing and the associated financial, emotional, and reputational damage that this is causing.

Our aim is to have the most accurate mobile phishing attack detection in the industry. Already boasting an impressive Deep Learning model with a 98% accuracy rate in spotting known malicious web links in our tests, we can take things to the next level. With the funding, our technology will selectively scan those suspicious web links and cross-reference them with phishing data from over 60 industry vendors.

The impact of this innovation is a game changer! Our project promises better network performance, higher detection accuracy, quicker time-to-detection, and less strain on your device’s battery life compared to existing solutions.