Case Study: IN2 Consult

Mobile Threat Defence for Financial Services and IT Recruitment

Luke Seaman, Managing Director of IN2 Consult

IN2 Consult, based in Reading, UK, provides specialist recruitment services to the Financial and IT sectors.

The data challenge

As a recruitment company, IN2 Consult handles PII (personally identifiable information) on their clients and candidates, and securing this data is of the utmost importance to them. With the increasing reliance on mobile devices within the company, IN2 Consult were looking for a security solution that protected the data on those devices, but that was affordable for their growing business.

Finding a mobile security provider

IN2 Consult looked at several mobile cybersecurity vendors, but it became immediately obvious that the cost was too high to implement security across the business. The closest Mobile Threat Defence vendor to Traced didn’t provide WiFi or web protection, and was still more than twice the cost. In their words, choosing us for MTD was a no-brainer, really.

Traced Control MTD

The Web Protection offered in the Trustd iOS app was a must-have for IN2 Consult. It protects employees against phishing attacks and exploitative, web-based threats which the company has become increasingly concerned about.

WiFi Protection was also important to them, as it is designed to protect employees against data loss and theft whilst working remotely.

The Trustd Mobile Threat Defence platform provides visibility of the protection status of employee devices, as well as high risk events on those devices, so staff can take steps to educate users about potential threats.

We’ve secured every employee phone, and now we’re much more confident we’re protecting our clients’ and candidates’ personal information

Luke Seaman, Managing Director

In their own words

The best thing about Traced, apart from the fact they offered better protection, was that I didn’t have to do a crazy dance with a sales team just to find out the price. I did all the research on the website, clarified a few points with them on the phone, and was able to go ahead and buy licenses for all my employees.

If I hadn’t felt that the Traced team were committed to security, I might have wondered at the low price. But having spent a while chatting to them, I realise they’re super-focused on simply creating an excellent cybersecurity product. They’re doing it in the most cost-efficient way they can because they believe in the need for mobile protection for everyone – but they’re certainly not compromising on development or support.

Luke Seaman, Managing Director, IN2 Consult

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