Video: Understanding Stalkerware

We spoke to Chloé Messdaghi from Point3 Security, about what it is, who uses it, and what you should do if you’re being spied on via your phone

What is stalkerware and why is it so damaging? How do you know if someone’s installed stalkerware on your phone, and what should you do?

I join Matt Boddy, CTO of Traced Mobile Security, and Chloé Messdaghi, VP of Strategy at Point3 Security, to bring you all the answers. (Please excuse some of the audio, our lockdown Zoom chat connection wasn’t great!)

Section timecodes:

  • What is stalkerware and what does it do? (0:25)
  • Stalkerware in abusive relationships (4:30)
  • Are we becoming immune to privacy loss, and is it OK to track your children? (6:15)
  • The rebrand of stalking apps, and is the industry going far enough? (11:45)
  • Installing stalkerware, and do victims even know what’s happening to them? (18:25)
  • What should you do if you think there’s stalkerware on your phone? (23:00)

And we mention a couple of resources in the video:

  • Visit if you’d like to know more about detecting and removing stalkerware
  • For advice, support and resources about stalkerware please visit The Coalition Against Stalkerware at
  • Chloe mentioned watching The Social Dilemma. If you’d like to check that out, it’s currently on Netflix.

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