Further £300k investment for Traced

Lord Brownlow CVO DL further invests £300k in Traced’s trailblazing Mobile Threat Defense solution, spotting the potential and growing need for mobile device protection

Investment will support the launch of Traced’s B2B security solution, addressing the growth and digital vulnerability in the new normal of remote-working.


Oxford-based cybersecurity start-up, Traced, is pleased to announce that they have received a further £300k in investment from Lord Brownlow CVO DL and Benjamin Rawson of investment company, Havisham Group.

The investment will help to launch Control, a ground-breaking Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) solution for businesses.

Earlier this year, Traced brought their industry knowledge, future-proofing vision, and technical innovation together in the consumer targeted app, Traced, which provides unparalleled detection of malicious apps by identifying if, when and how any apps abuse access to users’ personal data.

Now, with the continued support from Lord Brownlow and Havisham Group, the team are working towards the launch of Control, planned for early November 2020. As mobile cyberespionage campaigns have increased by an astronomical 1,400% over the past four years[1], personal mobile devices have become the weak link in a company’s security chain.

Control combines the Traced app that protects your employees’ Android and iOS devices and cloud-based dashboard that provides immediate visibility and analysis of mobile-borne threats to your organisation’s data. They were built to work together to protect businesses against modern mobile threats like spyware, ransomware and phishing through vulnerable, compromised and malicious networks, apps, websites and software.

Havisham Group Chairman, Lord Brownlow CVO DL, said We are delighted to further invest in this impressive company. Traced has not only developed a pioneering security solution, but it holds increasing potential and importance as data becomes more valuable and cyber-attacks ever-more sophisticated.”

And the timing could not be more perfect. In a survey of close to a thousand company directors conducted last month, nearly three quarters (74%) said they would be keeping increased home-working after coronavirus.[2].

But, as companies embrace remote-working solutions, the risk of corporate data breaches is growing at an exponential rate, as data can no longer be physically controlled inside the network perimeters of the traditional office.

Ben Jones, co-founder and CEO of Traced, said, “This evolved partnership and further collaboration with the Havisham Group portfolio enables us to launch our new, effective and accessible Mobile Threat Defense solution – Control- and extend our protection against mobile-borne cyber threats to businesses and their employees.”

Through industry-pioneering research and development, Traced provides innovative solutions that ensure these remote working practices can be adopted securely, ‘making the invisible visible’.

“Traced Control will offer unique advances through real time mobile app behaviour analytics, WiFi and web protection to secure commercial data at mobile endpoints. As more employees work remotely, businesses have a new imperative to secure personal mobile devices in order to protect their data”, said Matt Boddy, CTO & co-founder of Traced.  


[1] Trend Micro, 2020

[2], 28 Sept 2020

Editors Notes

Traced Ltd was co-founded in Oct 2019 by Ben Jones and Matt Boddy, two 28-year-olds with 15 years combined experience in the Cyber Security industry. Ben and Matt were educated in Oxford and have worked for some of the biggest names in the industry, including Sophos, McAfee, the Ministry of Defence and Intel.

Traced’s mobile security and privacy app for Android and iOS, offers protection against modern mobile cyber threats. It was launched earlier this year for free on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, and has been downloaded by circa 6,400 users, with positive review responses, referencing its “plugging a needed gap in mobile security.”

Havisham Group is a privately-owned investment portfolio and trading group, founded in 2013 by British entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist Lord Brownlow CVO DL. Across a diverse portfolio, Havisham Group is split into three areas: Havisham Assets, Havisham Properties and Havisham Homes. They have recently started to actively expand their support to new early stage investments, where they feel that their knowledge and expertise can help launch promising businesses.

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