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Case Study: Huntswood and Trustd from Traced

Protecting COPE iOS devices from phishing, malicious content and Man-in-the-Middle

Huntswood has been providing blended resourcing, outsourcing and advisory solutions across regulated markets for 25 years.

Like many organisations, Huntswood has become heavily reliant on mobile devices. It needed to ensure that when staff were out and about, they were not connecting to compromised WiFi networks and were protected against attacks that might put their business data at risk.

Matthew Bonfield, Executive Chairman of Huntswood:

We asked Kirk Croal, Technology Director at Huntswood about his mobile security challenges and how Traced’s MTD, Trustd, was able to solve them.

Like many companies we have become heavily reliant on our mobile devices and wanted to ensure that when our colleagues were out and about, they were not connecting to any compromised networks and so protecting against man in the middle attacks.

We found limited offering from different suppliers and were happy that Traced gave us that specific offering.

We were keen to ensure that if there was a compromised network, the mobile user was aware and could take action. The reporting had to be key for this to work, we could then see if the user was made aware and did they action the warning, Traced works well for this.

We looked across the market and found very generic offerings, however Traced were more customer focused and looked closely at the user experience which set them apart from their competition.

With Traced we found a company who were extremely passionate and wholeheartedly wanted to develop a product that was going to make a difference.

As Technology Director I have to look at all avenues of ensuring that we protect the company no matter what device our colleagues use. With Traced I found the missing piece of the jigsaw for our mobile devices.

Importantly, I also found a company with similar values to Huntswood and one that has a simple, easy to use product that works well.

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Corporate governance and compliance company Huntswood was looking for a comprehensive mobile security solution for COPE devices that guarded against compromised WiFi and mobile phishing attacks.

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