Suffolk-based cybersecurity solutions partner Spear Shield joins Traced

Spear Shield is now offering Traced’s Mobile Threat Defence to help companies combat the threat of malware, mobile phishing and attacks over WiFi that can lead to data breaches and ransomware.

We are pleased to welcome Spear Shield as official Traced Partners, to help UK organisations tackle the mobile-borne threats that present an increasing danger to business data security.

Enabling secure remote working

With more employees being asked to work from home, protecting personal devices as well as corporate-owned ones is crucial for organisations. Traced’s Mobile Threat Defence (MTD) allows companies to more easily adopt a BYOD (Bring Your Own device) strategy, whereby employees can safely access work emails, cloud storage drives and other business systems from their personal mobile phones and tablets. 

Protection against data breaches and ransomware

Mobile-borne cyberthreats increased 1,400% in the four years between 2016 and 2020, and people are more likely to click a phishing link on a mobile device than on a laptop or desktop computer. With smaller screens, fewer “clues” about whether a message is a scam, and different user behaviour on mobile phones, Mobile Threat Defence provides a critical safety net for employees that may click on a phishing link, download malware apps, or connect to compromised WiFi networks. 

If an attacker can drop malware onto the device, they could track every keystroke or send photo snapshots of emails and logins back to the threat actor. If a user enters credentials into a fake version of a website, such as their work email or business app, the attacker has access to that system – leading to data breaches and even ransomware attacks. 

Privacy-first ethos

Our privacy-first ethos ensures that Spear Shield can protect their clients’ mobile devices against phishing, malware, device vulnerabilities and Man-in-the-Middle attacks – while ensuring that employee privacy is upheld. Traced, Spear Shield, and even their clients, have no visibility of the websites end users browse to or what apps they’ve installed on their personal devices; only that a threat has been detected and the user has been guided to remediate that threat. 

With organisations exposed to unprecedented levels of cyber and data security risk, it’s important that mobile devices are protected to the same degree as laptops and desktop computers – and that organisations have visibility over the compliance status of the devices that access business data, but without compromising employee privacy. 

On the partnership

Spear Shield will offer Traced’s Mobile Threat Defence as part of a comprehensive package of cybersecurity services; as a standalone solution; or as a bolt-on to a customer’s existing MDM (Mobile Device Management) platform. 

Looking for a cybersecurity solutions partner headquartered in East Anglia? Visit the Spear Shield website at