METCLOUD partners with Traced, bringing better mobile threat defence to businesses struggling with BYOD security

– OXFORD, 31 October 2020 –

Traced Mobile Security (  today announced a partnership with vanguard of cybersecurity and hybrid cloud platforms for UK’s businesses, METCLOUD, to bring Traced’s privacy-first Mobile Threat Defence (MTD) solution to organisations that want to remain compliant with security and industry regulations around data security. 

METCLOUD ( is now an official partner of Trustd Mobile Threat Defence (MTD) from Traced. Unlike other MTD solutions, Trustd MTD uniquely combines AI-powered protection against both known and unknown threats such as mobile malware and phishing with straightforward user guidance and absolute employee privacy. Trustd MTD can even form part of a Zero-Trust strategy with conditional access to business data from mobile devices. IBM found that businesses with AI security solutions were found to be the biggest factor in cutting breach costs, from $6.71 million to $2.90 million[1].

Securing BYOD against data breaches and ransomware

Achieving compliance of mobile devices, particularly personal devices (BYOD) and their risk status is crucial for organisations to prevent data breaches that can lead to financial, reputational and operational damages.  

With 83% of organisations currently supporting a Bring-Your-Own-Device policy, increasing 58.3% since the start of the 2019 pandemic[2]. Cyber-attackers are looking to exploit vulnerable mobile devices and a lack of user education, with  mobile-borne cyberthreats increasing 1,400% in the four years between 2016 and 2020[3], and people 3x more likely to click a phishing link on a mobile device than on a laptop or desktop computer[4]. With smaller screens, fewer “clues” about whether a message is a scam, and different user behaviour on mobile phones, Mobile Threat Defence provides a critical safety net for employees that may click on a phishing link, download malware apps, or connect to compromised WiFi networks. 

Privacy-first ethos

With Traced’s privacy-first ethos, METCLOUD’s customers can ensure that mobile devices are protected against phishing, malware, device vulnerabilities and Man-in-the-Middle attacks – while ensuring absolute employee privacy.

Ian Vickers, CEO at METCLOUD, commented,

“We are delighted to add Trustd Mobile Threat Defence to our award winning cyber secure cloud platform. Trustd MTD extends even further our surveillance capability to a growing mobile workforce.”

With organisations exposed to unprecedented levels of cyber and data security risk, it’s important that mobile devices are protected to the same degree as laptops and desktop computers – and that organisations have visibility over the compliance status of the devices that access business data, but without compromising employee privacy. 

METCLOUD has become a Platinum partner of Traced to extend their award-winning cybersecurity capability to now include mobile devices. The AI-powered protection in Trustd MTD is built for the needs of mobile users by mobile security specialists, using deep learning to stop even those malware and phishing attacks that have never been seen before. Wi-Fi protection identifies insecure hotspots and Man-in-the-Middle attacks, and privacy protection on Android alerts to camera and microphone access from spyware.

The Trustd engine integrates with METCLOUD’s security surveillance platform to give organisations comprehensive security on all devices that have access to corporate data, and greater insight on the compliance status of BYOD and corporate-owned mobile devices.

Benedict Jones, CEO and Co-Founder of Traced, commenting on the partnership with METCLOUD,

“As cybercriminals adapt and find new ways to extort and disrupt businesses, our combined expertise with the team at METCLOUD protects their customers against cyberattacks arising from mobile threats. Together we’re securing their mobile devices, preventing data breaches and protecting their employees’ privacy.” 

About Traced

The Traced ( team of security and privacy evangelists has won several cybersecurity awards and works with Microsoft’s MISA program, the Coalition Against Stalkerware, and the NCSC for Startups. Combining the threat intelligence from 250k+ protected mobile devices with that of other industry vendors, Traced’s ever-evolving AI technology stays one step ahead of the cyber criminals, protecting individuals and businesses from data loss from mobile phishing attacks, compromised WiFi networks, unpatched devices, malware and leaky apps. 


Excellence and innovation are at the heart of METCLOUD  (, an award-winning cybersecurity and cloud provider. With services architected with security by design, we envision becoming the global brand of choice for next-generation cyber secure cloud services. Moreover, ransomware, cloud vulnerabilities, phishing attacks, social engineering, and vulnerability management are the top five global security threats. But fear not, METCLOUD’s portfolio of cyber security and cloud services will ensure that you can protect, defend, and mitigate any potential cyber-attack (irrespective of how it was carried out).


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