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Webinar: How to solve BYOD for Cyber Essentials

BYOD is an attractive prospect to most organisations, but it comes with a conflicting set of security risks and challenges…

Watch this webinar as Ben talks to security experts and Traced Partners, Spear Shield, and learn:

– Why you should apply for Cyber Essentials
– Which mobile devices are in scope
– How can you easily meet Cyber Essentials compliance on your mobiles

Watch the webinar now on YouTube

How Trustd MTD helps

Trustd Mobile Threat Defence provides a comprehensive, all-in-one solution to cover Cyber Essentials compliance on employee devices. Whether you’re operating a COxx or BYOD strategy, you can roll Trustd out to all devices without invading employee privacy.

In particular, Trustd can ensure mobile device security via:

  • Company-wide security
  • Visibility of device model and OS
  • Passcode enforcement
  • Out-of-date OS/jailbreaking
  • Anti-Malware and Anti-Phishing

Download our infosheet to see exactly how Trustd supports Cyber Essentials.

Find out more about Trustd MTD and how it supports Cyber Essentials