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New: One-Touch Enrolment in Trustd MTD

We’ve made it even easier to protect employee devices with zero-touch deployment and one-touch enrolment when integrating Trustd MTD with your MDM.

One of the biggest problems IT teams have when securing employee devices is ensuring security software is installed and activated.

Despite asking employees to download and activate security solutions on their mobile devices, organisations often find that some employees take a long time to get around to it, or forget altogether.

The longer it takes before users have successfully enrolled their device in Trustd MTD, the longer your business is exposed to harmful mobile-borne threats such as smishing, malware and Man-in-the-Middle attacks.

All you need to do is to deploy Trustd MTD to all your company-owned and BYOD smartphones and tablets that access company data, quickly and simply – and you then need users to complete set up in the app so you can be sure your company is protected from malware and data breaches.

Building on our already super-fast set up (with bulk enrol via email, MDM, Microsoft Intune or Azure AD) you can now get iOS devices protected with a single in-app tap, and Android devices don’t need any user interaction at all.

Trustd MTD has solved this challenge with simple set up when you use Trustd MTD with an MDM or Intune, with zero-touch deployment to all managed devices, and one-touch enrolment on iOS and zero-touch on Android. It ensures full deployment and a high activation rate, so devices are protected quickly and comprehensively.

Enabling One-touch enrolment

By selecting the “Skip Terms and Conditions” option in Policies > Enrolment in Trustd MTD you can reduce in-app setup down to one in-app tap for Intune- and MDM-managed devices and three for email enrolment.

Note: By skipping the T&Cs you are accepting them on behalf of the user. Please only enable this setting if you are in a position to do that.