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Accounting Firms

Accounting firms are a gateway to vast amounts of sensitive data, making your staff a highly attractive target to attackers

Phishing attacks, hybrid working and supply chain compromise all pose serious threats to Accounting firms – and impact all devices.

45% of organisations have reported mobile-related breaches – that is twice as many as in 2021

Cloudmark data of scams reported to 7726

If your employees check email on their mobile phones, they need security software just like laptops and computers do.

From invoice fraud and purchase scams to fake Linkedin job offers and parcel delivery SMS scams – accountancy employees are bombarded with phishing attacks.

The combination of the Trustd MTD app on employees’ phones and the admin console monitors policy compliance, protects your data, and guards against malware and breaches.

It doesn’t cost the earth and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to use it. We designed Trustd MTD so that’s simple enough for everyone to use. After all, your business is only secure if everyone is on board.

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In 5 minutes’ time you’ll know that Trustd has checked your device for threats – giving you the all-clear, or prescribing a cure – and you can see the threat status on the dashboard.

Try it now. It takes 5 minutes. No credit card required.

Now imagine if you had that level of protection for everyone in your organisation? And, could see whether those devices were safe or at risk? You’d significantly reduce your risk of a data breach, and could demonstrate compliance with regulations that require you to keep private data safe and confidential.

The Trustd ethos


Our software is designed to protect employees’ phones from phishing, compromised WiFi hotspots, device vulnerabilities, permission abuse, and other threats.


Unlike other solutions, the Trustd app doesn’t send any personal information about employees back to the company they work for. It’s not an employee-monitoring solution, it’s designed solely to protect mobile devices from data loss and malware, and people’s privacy is at the heart of every decision we make.


Working together, the Trustd app and console provide a sophisticated, low cost Mobile Threat Defence (MTD) solution that supports your cyber-resilience. Trustd MTD enables you to identify and protect your assets, detect and respond to threats, prevent data breaches and ensure compliance with industry regulations and GDPR.

Trustd combines the app on employees’ phones and tablets with a single-pane-of-glass dashboard for administrators to check the security status of everyone in your organisation.

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