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MitM Attacks: How to Avoid the Mobile Piggy in the Middle

MitMs are difficult to spot because they don’t happen on your phone. Instead, the attacker inserts themselves between you and the system your phone tries to contact.

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Introducing Personal Privacy Mode

We’re pleased to announce the launch of Personal Privacy Mode – an optional setting that returns only the compliance state of the device, and nothing else.

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How a WhatsApp status loophole is aiding cyberstalkers

These WhatsApp status trackers are a new variety of surveillance software, but can be just as invasive and harmful as stalkerware.

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6 reasons why cybercriminals want to target your smartphone

The data is in, and it doesn’t look good: mobile devices are a primary target for online criminals.

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It’s not you, it’s them: Break up with bad apps

Annoying pop-ups on your phone? Scam texts? Phone acting strangely? If so, it may be that one of your apps is working against you.

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Mobile Security and GDPR

If you access company info on your phone, you need think about GDPR. Every device needs to be protected.

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Why you should stay on guard against mobile phishers

You might spot a phishing email on your computer, but it’s much harder on your phone. Why is mobile phishing so successful, and how can you protect yourself?

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Are employee phones leaking your customer data?

A data breach can cost your organisation heavily in fines, reputation, lost customers, but Mobile Threat Defence protects your remote workforce from data theft and loss

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Android messaging app exposed private photos, audio and videos

Go SMS Pro has over 100m downloads and a 4.5 star rating, but the developers are playing fast and loose with users’ privacy.

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Discussing mobile threats on Tech Talks Daily

Matt Boddy chats with Neil C Hughes on his Tech Talks Daily podcast about mobile threats, the difficulty security vendors have and what makes Traced groundbreaking.