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Secure confidential data on employee mobile devices without compromising privacy.

Balancing security with productivity is no easy task, particularly when those employees also demand their own privacy. It’s vital that you ensure regulatory compliance across your entire organisation, and can demonstrate appropriate security measures when it comes to securing every device in your organisation.

The need for everyone to remain cyber crime vigilant has never been higher. Law firms should make sure that they have effective cyber security policies in place.

Paul Philip, Chief Executive, Solicitors Regulation Authority

Where do mobile threats come from?

  • Phishing, malicious or spoof websites
  • Malicious or com prom ised apps
  • Misconfigured or unpatched devices
  • Unsecured and intercepted WiFi networks

Mobile devices need security software just like laptops and computers do. The combination of the Trustd apps on employees’ phones and the Trustd MTD console to monitor compliance with SRA guidelines, protects your phones, protects your clients’ data, and guards against GDPR violations.

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Download the infosheet

In the first half of 2020, nearly £2.5m of money held by law firms had been stolen by cybercriminals.

SRA,Information and Cybersecurity,Nov2020

It makes sense that the cost of preventing cyberattacks is much lower than the cost – not to mention the reputational damage of a successful attack. As well as being a regulatory requirement, it therefore makes good business sense to protect your own and your clients’ data and money.

The Trustd ethos


Our software is designed to protect employees’ phones from malware, phishing, compromised WiFi hotspots, device vulnerabilities, and app permission abuse.


Unlike other solutions, the Trustd app doesn’t send any personal information about employees back to the company they work for. It’s not an employee-monitoring solution, it’s designed solely to protect mobile devices from data loss and malware, and people’s privacy is at the heart of every decision we make.


Working together, the Trustd app and Trustd console provide a sophisticated, low cost Mobile Threat Defence (MTD) solution that supports your cyber-resilience. Control enables you to identify and protect your assets, detect and respond to threats, prevent data breaches and ensure compliance with SRA regulations and GDPR.

Trustd combines the app on employees’ phones and tablets with a single-pane-of-glass dashboard for administrators to check the security status of everyone in your organisation.

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